Crafted in small batches with a single-minded sense of purpose.

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Our Story

It is a mystery yet to be solved as to who Benjamin Chapman was. From what is known, he was a fascinating man from the classic 1960’s era with a refined preference for the finer things. This whiskey, crafted in small batches with a legendary smoothness, is akin to his lasting memory.

7-Year Rye

4-Year Corn

Our Process

Our whiskeys are carefully crafted in small batches by artisans set on creating exceptionally distinctive spirits. Benjamin Chapman 7-Year Rye is produced in Canada and distilled with pure glacial water while 4-Year Corn is produced in the United States and distilled with Kentucky limestone water.


Whether you want to slow down and savor the finer things with whiskey neat or experience the mystery and excitement of a classic cocktail, Benjamin Chapman is a tailored fit.

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